Star Iron Works

Pen & Wash commission 2010

Living close by the Star Iron Works on Greenacres Road, Oldham, Patricia was able to take photographs of the building as it stood in January 2010. 

Star Iron Works3

Star Iron Works4

However, after speaking to the current proprietors of the building she decided to research how the building would have looked in its original state.  Oldham Local Interest Centre on Union Street, Oldham were able to assist with several photographs of both the exterior and interior of the building, taken around the turn of the century. 

Star Iron Works1
These photographs were donated to Oldham Local Interest Centre by Dr David J Charley OBE MD FRCP from Leeds.  His late wife had been the Granddaughter of the original owner, Mr William Toole and daughter of Mr Clement Toole who took over the business from his father.  One of the photographs shows the young men at work inside the Star Iron Works. 

Star Iron Works2

Using all of these as reference Patricia produced the final commission.

Star Iron Works